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Gift of Love

The Gift of Love is a complete deliverance and support program for the families that face undue stress.

The Problem with Stress

Law Enforcement Traumatic Stress: Clinical syndromes and Intervention strategies, Laurence Miller, Ph.D.

These "tough guys" (Miller, 1995) — the term includes both men and women are routinely exposed to special kinds of traumatic events and daily pressures that require a certain adaptively defensive toughness of attitude, temperament, and training. Without this resolve, they couldn't do their jobs effectively. Sometimes, however, the stress is just too much, and the very toughness that facilitates smooth functioning in their daily duties now becomes an impediment to these helpers seeking help themselves.

The Solution to Stress

  • Initial Care (Deliverance from Stress)
  • Community Care and Support
  • Aftercare (Restoration for Areas Damaged by Stress, Addiction, Sickness and Disease, Loss of a Loved One, Student Failure, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Divorce, and Denial)

A Gift of Love

You can provide your community with A Gift of Love. A Gift of Love is a Christian program that protects men and women in stressful occupations.

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Christian Community Outreach

Christian Youth Foundation

Our Programs Will Help Our Youth Claim Victory.

S.H.O.P. Program Free at Local Churches

Our Programs Will Help Your Family Claim Victory Over:

  • Addictions and Bad Habits
  • Sickness and Disease
  • Youth Development
  • Stress
  • The Loss of a Loved One
  • Divorce
  • Denial

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